Word report exploring and critically analysing a contemporary public health issue of your choice.

choose one public health issue that has been in the news recently
say briefly what the issue is & why you chose it
state why it is an area of public health concern (i.e. what is it a public health issue)
a review of current literature/research on the issue
a review of national policy related to your chosen topic
a discussion on WHO recommendations/directives relating to the health issue
an evaluation of the extent to which national policy in England meets the WHO directives/recommendations
an informed conclusion and recommendations

Referencing Requirements:
use of a minimum of six academic sources (that is academic books and academic journals) is expected to pass (see comments about government reports below)
this six does not include lecture notes or web pages/Internet sources
but it does include the use of electronic versions of academic journals/texts
the use of government reports and policies is expected (but this is in addition to the minimum 6 academic sources) thus you are expected to have more than 6 sources in total).