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Research Paper No. 3a9 a9 a9 a9 English 104, A Prof. Sumption

First, look over your research assignment, and your proposal. A Then, start drafting. A You are going to create a 2,200 word (minimum, excluding References and Abstract) research essay in APA style. A That is about seven pages of double-spaced essay text. A 

a9 Minimum Requirements, in order to pass:

a9 2,200 word text (not including your References page, Cover, or your Abstract)

a9 Five sources (minimum), all authoritative, as we discuss in class

a9 APA format; References page; Abstract page; cover page

Use Golden Libraryas online databases for this paper, as well as any print material from the library. All five of your sources must be from these types of resources.* A Remember that you have access to the databases we have discussed, as well as our library books and print collections. A 

The Content of Your Paper: A Read a wide variety of material about your chosen topic. A As you do this, you will begin to get ideas about what issues are important. A You will have to make choices about the central focus you give this paper. A Maybe your research begins to focus upon the role of certain individuals, or historical developments, or upon cultural developments/ controversies, or upon environmental concerns. A Perhaps you will get interested in a?deep historya? (science) such as the geology or early history of some natural or human-made setting. A  A 

Format/Style:a9 APA; A Times New Roman 12 pt. font., one-inch margins all around (including first page). A See sample in your Seagull Handbook, as we have discussed in the past. A We will once again discuss the following stylistic requirements: A academic prose (no casual, informal forms; no first or second person --a?Ia?, a?youa?-points of view), focus, precise descriptions, and central point.

Your paper should have a central thesis, which is reflected throughout the paper, and is clearly stated in the opening paragraphs. A  To arrive at this central argument, you will need to start with research, learning as much as you can about the topic that interests you. A Then, you will be able to formulate a central point around which you can engage your chosen sources. A Our goal is to get beyond stating general information about a topic, although that is part of such a paper; we work toward making a statement about why the topic is significant in some way.

*Do not include dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, or Google-type search entries among your sources. A While you may consult general references, such as encyclopedias, A to get some initial information, those are not appropriate sources to cite in your paper since they do not offer much more than general information, or they do not have much credibility. A  Your research must go beyond general reference sources, and into high quality and academic materials that offer perspective and analysis. A Use the databases we have discussed. A  A