Word Written Report about Emirates Airlines assuccessful airline.

The Question

Running a profitable business during periods of rapid economic growth and predictable demand is not difficult. However, as the environment becomes more turbulent and competitive there is a need to have not only have a well developed business strategy (including well developed supporting plans) but also good managers to make it happen.

The goal of a manager is to improve organisational performance to ensure that the resources (capital, people, organisation and technology) are being efficiently and effectively employed. Fayol described the activity of management as four functions being planning, organising, leading and controlling.

Describe how planning, organising, leading and controlling are linked and how they influence an airlineas organisational performance in a turbulent and competitive world? In completing the task you are to select one airline to use it as a case study. You can choose either: (1) a successful airline but you will need to highlight what makes it distinct or unique when compared to its competitors; or (2) a stuggling airline but you will need to highlight why it is failing in the market.

i would like to write about Emirates Airlines assuccessful airline.