Words evaluation of the recommendations for American airlines.

My friend I have to write 275-300 words on, Evaluation of the Recommendation for American Airlines we as a group have decided to give american airlines these recommendations:
we can recommend them to buy a low-cost airline which is Jet Blue. This is a recommendation to resolve problem of maturity of airline industry in USA because low cost segment of industry is still developing!

we can recommend them to use fuel price hedging more they do use this technique to decrease infuence of fuel prices on companys performance but they dont use it sufficiently! This may solve the problem of high fuel prices!

another recommendation we can give is to hire a specialized consultants who can provide them with team work training programs to increase cooperation between pilot crew, ground crew and gate crew! The aim of this recommendation is to solve the problem of late arrivals and improve customer satisfaction!
We have to use the file that I am sending to you, our authorities have said that it is compulsary to use this file for the 300 words assignment where we have to only concentrate on Returns, where we have to use any one or maximum of two methods like Financial analysis, Cost benefit, Real options, Share holder analysis. (REFER from 10.3.2 Acceptability page 368 to page 377, till where Risk starts. We have to concentrate only on RETURNS part of Acceptability.

In the structure
The 1st part deals with Explaination of why I have chosen one or two methods for calculating the returns i.e For an example if you choose the financial analysis and the cost benefit method than you should explain in this part that because you have got this, this and this information of American airlines on all the three recommendations for these two methods that was the reason you have chosen two methods to analyse the return, if in case you have found only one method where all the information of AMERICAN AIRLINES regarding all the three recommendations is obtained then you should say that because of this this and this information(explain the details of the information on the three recommendations that you have got for the methods) you are choosing one or two methods for evaluating returns.

The 2nd part deals with, Explaining the findings from each method, like for example if you take the financial analysis as the method to analyse the return for these three recommendations, this can be explained as the Forecasting returns on capital employed(ROCE) with its short description proves that the recommendation for buying a low cost airline as a prior option for recommendation, some other ratio like Estimating the payback period with its short description analyses that the priority of fuel price hedging as a prior option of recommendation. Some other ratio says that hiring specialized consultants is a prior recommendation.In this part you will also have to provide details about your findings . You will have to talk about all the three recommendations.

The 3rd part deals with the conclusion, which suggests that after comparing all the three recommendations through one or the two methods for evaluating returns, we can say that this recomendations out of three has highest priority and a proper description of it that why it is prior to other recommendations.

We will also have to put TABLES(as given on page number 372 for return on capital employed, Payback period and Discounted cash flow(DCF)) which will compare the, data for all the three recommendations and which can show that because we compared these recommendations(comparision will be seen in tables) so our chosen recommendation is justified.

We have to use the file that I am sending to you and just read the information from the file and apply this in to the essay because our authorities say that using the file is compulsary for these 300 words. we dont have to write the theory from the file. We just have to use the approach from this file, We will have to use websites and online references for collecting information regarding American Airlines.

The recommendations about which I have written are for American airlines.For explaination I have used the financial analysis for explaining you but you can take any method on which you get proper details which are required for the 300 words.

The methods like Financial analysis, Cost benefit, Real options, Share holder analysis, are detailed in the file that I am sending you. Here our authorities will see that how well have we applied the method from that file, have we used the proper information of American airlines for the three recommendations for evaluating one or two methods from the file, and have we properly concluded the right recommendation according to evaluation of returns and the information available.
I hope you got my point. Word limit is very important it should not go over 300 words and tables are extra they have to be covered after writing these 300 words.The information in the tables is also very important and will carry marks.

My friend you will have to read the file that I have send you, and then using the approach from the file you will have to choose 1 or two methods from Financial analysis, Cost benefit, Real options, Share holder analysis, for Return evaluation and then applying information from the websites and online references then you will have to make this essay. It is important that the information you use from the internet and online references you will have to show that where have you taken the content from, because my authorities will ask for the websites that where have i taken the data from.

I have written 5 sources for the number of sources, but you are permitted to increase or decrease the number of sources.