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Hello Ive heard really good things about you writer #381, this order is for a mini political economy paper, ive provided background info on the subject and instructions about the essay you need to provide.

General info about the unit
Subject is called: ECONOMY AND POLICY

How are national economies changing in response to changes in the global economy? Who is benefiting and who is being disadvantaged? What role does government policy play, and what policy options are there? This unit of study addresses these questions in the context of the Australian economy. It introduces students to Keynesian and institutionalist approaches to economics to explore how government policy addresses issues such as industrial change, international trade and investment, employment, social welfare and income distribution. It gives students a  hands on approach to understanding the connections between current economic events and economic theory.

What the aims and context of the whole subject, not essay.. just to give you an idea&
Aims and context:

By focussing on the interactions between theory, evidence, and policy in economics, Economy and Policy aims to develop students understanding of:
1. the economic forces that are changing the world around them,
2. who is winning and losing from the process of change, and
3. the importance of knowledge about economic theory and policy evolution as a tools for understanding change.

ESSAY Question:

Read the article by John Freebairn  Protectionism a short-sighted response to change published in the  Opinion section of the Financial Review on 20 July 2007. Which theory (or combination of theories) of the role of government and the state (classical/neo classical, social liberal/Keynesian/ social democratic and Marxian) informs Freebain s argument about the car manufacturing industry in Australia? Justify your answer. What assumptions does Freebairn make about the nature and role of markets? How would other theoretical traditions regarding the role of government and the state analyse this issue? What policy proposals, if any, might they put forward?


To answer this question you will need to familiarize yourself with the major competing theories about the economic role of government and the state. At the very minimum you should read the set texts for Tute 2, however you are encouraged to supplement this reading with other relevant sources.