Words project proposal for Msc in Strategic Business IT

Please help me to form an appropriate Project Title, basically I have submitted my topic for approval twice times ago, however all of them have been rejected and the reason was they cant see anything new and it seems trivial. I will upload a workbook for your reference after I got the personalised control panel and order no.

Project Focus

The project you write later in the course must be based on the specification you produce here. The project must be coherent with the programme title, therefore, it must be

Research Based  means that you have to collect original data (called primary data) yourself. Primary data is not something you can get out of a book or just download from the Internet  it has to be totally original.

Strategic Business IT Orientation  the primary data you collect has to be used to generate a Strategic Business IT outcome of some kind.

IT learning  the project must represent significant learning potential in the IT/computing field for you.

Project Style  for this degree only the project style known as  Study is allowed.


Project ideas in the following areas are unlikely to be accepted: eBanking, eCommerce, mCommerce, eLearning, IT in Education, Web Site Strategies, Outsourcing, wireless technology and systems, PDA and mobility, simple HCI, Music Distribution, VoIP, CRM factors, or simple security.

Part 1. Project Proposal Value Up to 10 Marks


The purpose of this part of the work is to gain approval for a project idea from the University by writing short MSc project proposal. This is assessed work so you will only be allowed one attempt to gain the full range of marks. If for whatever reason your idea is rejected you may make another attempt but in such a case the maximum mark you can attain for this work is 4 out of the available 10.

Study References

The following Workbook and section references are to the Student Workbook Pack. If it is obvious by the quality of your submission that you have not studied this material with care the proposal will be rejected without comment.


You MUST expect to go backwards and forwards many times over all the headings until you have a concise, coherent and lucid proposal that is your very best work.


When you proposal is ready use WebCT email to send it to the Research Methods tutor in a text only (no formatting, no diagrams, no tables etc) message or as an attachment. You are advised to get title approval as early as possible but the tutor will not entertain ANY submission until the beginning of the third week of the unit and no two students will be allowed to use exactly the same topic.

Format and Word Limit

Write the proposal using the headings shown below but you must not exceed 450 words (including the headings). If the word limit is exceeded, any headings are missing, any headings are altered, the sequence of headings changed or any headings added the proposal will not be assessed and you will have to do it again. You must stick closely to the headings for example, under the heading  Problem Definition we expect to see ONLY a definition, not how you will solve it, topic discussion, a justification for the study, or indeed anything other than a problem definition. If you wander from the theme of each heading you will lose marks.

Project Proposal (Word Count & ..)

1. Title  Construct a title in not more than 100 characters, workbook 6 section 6.12 will help you do this.

2. Background  Give an overview of your topic area as background to understand how you identified the problem theme, but please notes this section is NOT a description of what you are going to do, it is a description of the topic area.

3. Presenting Problem Definition  define a single significant IT or IT related problem that you are trying to solve. I suggest you be absolutely clear and say something like  The problem is X and my definition is & . See Workbook 6 section 6.2 and 6.3.

4. Real-World Target  state what the real world benefit or effect there will be if the stated problem can be resolved or partially resolved by using your MSc project outcome. (See Workbook 6 section 6.10.1 and see Workbook 3 Section 3.2 and 3.4.2.

5. Research Question  write a question you want to ask as a way of encapsulating the quest to resolve your problem theme with your stated target. Use Workbook 6 sections 6.5, 6.7 and 6.8.

6. Personal Theory  express concisely your personal theory about a possible resolution of this problem theme. See workbook 6 sections 6.3.

7. Intended Project Outcome  what is the form of your expected project outcome that arises naturally out of your personal theory and constitutes an answer to your Research Question? Use Workbook 6 sections 6.2, 6.3, 6.5.4 and 6.7. You should note that project outcome must be an object that can be placed in a document.

8. Strategic IT value  explain how obtaining the project outcome in the form that you have described above will have a strategic business IT benefit or IT related benefit that will be valued by business. (See sample in Workbook 4)

9. Design for Collecting Primary Data  this is the first part of your design to generate the stated project outcome. This part of the design sets out your process for creating a collection of primary data. The core of this process is called a Basic Activity for Generating Data. See Workbook section 6.6, 6.7 and the study project specification sample and associated notes in workbook 3 sections 3.2.7 and 3.4.2.

10. Design for Processing Primary Data   this is the second part of your design to generate the stated project outcome. Crucially here, you set out how you will process the collection of primary data in order to generate the stated project outcome. See the study project specification sample and associated notes which can be found in Workbook 3 sections 3.2.7 and 3.4.2.

Here is a blank list of headings to help you formulate your project proposal.

1. Title 

2. Background 

3. Presenting Problem Definition

4. Real-World Target 

5. Research Question 

6. Personal Theory 

7. Intended Project Outcome 

8. Strategic IT value 

9. Design for Collecting Primary Data 

10. Design for processing Primary Data 

Appendix A. Sample Approval Submission

This is a sample submission for guidance and you should NOT attempt to try to fit you idea onto it as if it were some sort of template in an attempt to reduce the work you have to do if the tutor believes you are doing that your work will be rejected

The difficult elements are typically to be absolutely consistent and secondly to find an appropriate BAGeD. By consistency is meant that the whole submission links together and we don t find such things as the project outcome mentioned as X in one place and Y in another or the problem theme starts off as A in under one heading but migrates to B under another. If such inconsistencies are discovered, you will lose marks or be rejected outright.

Project Proposal (Word Count 412)

1. Title  Phishing  Preventative Measures

2. Background  email is a technology that almost everyone uses in the home, at work or on the move. Traditionally, email is a simple one-to-one or one to many message passing technology but it is now offered with enhancements that include voice, video, chat, file passing and file sharing where suppliers are attempting to present a compete communication environment. Difficulties are often attached to such technologies one of these is identity theft and one way of doing this is known as Phishing.

3. Presenting Problem Definition Phishing is identity theft using email where a personal message seeks confidential or private information from its recipient whilst posing as a legitimate request. The intention therefore is to fool the recipient of the message into releasing information which can subsequently be used for fraudulent purposes.

4. Real-Wold Target  Increase the awareness of computer users about the nefarious activ