Words Review of Three (3) Journal Articles

Point form answers are acceptable. Structured and well synthesised essays are not required.

You have been given 5 different articles as below

1. Vu, Influenza Vaccine in 65+ year olds
Study Design: Meta-analysis

2. Power, Cardiomyopathy Ovine Model
Study Design: RCT, dose response (yes),
with placebo

3. Beilin, Androgen Receptor Gene
Study Design: Matched case-control

4. Aagaard, Magnesium Supplementation
Study Design: RCT, dose response, with

5. Sansbury, NSAIDS & Colon Cancer
Study Design: Unmatched case-control

Choose any three of these, and for each:
A. Summarise the design (what type of study
is it?)

B. Identify the key statistical procedures (if
several, no more than the key three)

C. Comment on the sample size considerations

D. If any analysis or results seem incorrect,
inappropriate, or poorly described, identify
these and why