Written statement of 2 different Visual Conceptual Strategies

Part A: Create a Typology supported by a 300 word statement with at least 2 annotated br /

bibliographies using the Harvard author -date style. br /

What is a typology? br /

A typology is a set of associated objects or states a often they appear similar , identical or occasionally br /

only tenuously related, but most importantly, a typology creates a new context in which the content br /

acquires new meaning. A typology is one specific conceptual strategy. Your typology should be based br /

on subjects that have a visual or formal relationship to each other ie, they must appear similar . br /

Conceptual typological approaches should be revelatory i.e. the total should exceed the sum of the par t br /

s: the outcome should be surprising or at least contrary to expectation. br /

br /

Part B: Create another conceptual strategy of your design, supported by a 300 word statement br /

with at least 2 annotated bibliographies using the Harvard author -date style. br /

Examples of other Conceptual Strategies include: br /

a ? Random br /

a ? Sampling by time br /

a ? Sampling by space br /

a ? Word based-pun etc br /

a ? Design your own strategy br /

a ? Do not create another typology br /

br /

br /

Statements br /

Support each of your conceptual strategies with a 300 word statement and references that follows the br /

following structure: br /

a ? An indication of the a?ideaa under consideration or that has been revealed a ? A description of your strategy or process, documenting the a?rulesa or process in a way that would br /

allow the reader to reproduce the strategybr /

a ? An annotated bibliography of at least 2 references cited in the Harvard author -date style with a br /

couple of sentences explaining why the source is relevant to your work. How does the reference cited br /

support and inform the choices you have made? How does it lend authority to what you have done? br /

One reference may be of an artistas work, the other should be an academic article discussing the a?ideaa br /

explored in the visual strategy. Refer to the lecture notes from week 10 for an example of an annotated br /

bibliography. br /

br /

br /

br /

br /

For the typology, I chose the raw meat to arrange them into different shapes to make them look like something else, give them another meaning.br /

For the other conceptual strategy, I used a mirror attached to a stick, and shoot the whole series with the mirror reflecting different images in front of the frame, just a new strategy of experimenting the relationships between photos within photos, space within space.br /

br /

The statements should be 300 words each, and each annotated bibliography should be at least 100 words, and they must be related to the work Ive done. br /

Ill upload the images later on.