Yber Attacks and Politics from a technological and security perspectives.

Title: Cyber Attacks and Politics from a technological and security perspectives.

required to write a four to five-page reaction paper consisting reflection of your critical thoughts about the reading(s) and lectures. (which is all about Cyber security from a technological and political perspective)

You should mention examples like:

One of those examples is Anonymous Groupand their Operations in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and Libya. Anonymous also offer support for activists on how to bypass Internet censorship and also provided the care package which includes instructions on how to deal with tear gas, dogs, and other on street activities when you face riot police!

you should talk about technological factors, preparedness factors, mitigation factors, solutions, and others.

You should talk about United Arab Emirates in regards with its situation of Cyber security and preparedness and response.

The organization of the topic papers must follow the Scientific Method.

The paper must include the following sub-topics, as a minimum, and must discuss them in enough details to persuade a reasonable audience:

i. Statement of the problem or issue being presented and its relevance to technology and terrorism;

ii. Studentas own proposed remedy for the problem or issue. This will be a short paragraph (a few sentences); detailed discussion should be presented later in the paper;

iii. Research of past and current views, and arguments regarding the topicespecially those contrary to the studentas, analysis of those views and arguments including the identification of gaps. This section must cite all references researched and used by the student;

iv. Detailed presentation of the studentas argument, critical thinking, and intellectual reasoning in support of his/her proposed remedy;

v. A conclusion segment to include barrier(s) or challenge(s) in implementing the studentas proposed remedy. This segment must also include proposed future work or research on the topic.