Yber Bullying in Contemporary societies

Essay topic:cyber bullying in contemporary society

Sociological TheoryCritical Analysis
Employ Emile Durkheim theory of social facts while using C.WW. Mills sociological imagination.
I need at least three academic resources in this paper see the description bellow.

For this essay you must critically analyze a relevant contemporary social issue from a particular sociological theoretical perspective.

In his book, the Sociological Imagination, C.W. Mills (1959) describes the difference between personal troubles of the milieu and public issues. He also discusses the interconnection between these two concepts. You need to have a firm understanding of this discussion and be able to apply Millsa ideas to an issue that you believe impacts people in Canadian society. In your essay, you must explain a social issue by applying the sociological theorist that you believe will most adequately allow you to employ your sociological imagination.
his assignment has several components. You are required to do the following:

b) Formulate a research question from your topic. (For examplewhy is cyber bullying on the rise among children in Canada?)

Noteyou need to ask a WHY question that will allow you to move from description to analysis of the issue.

c) Define the social issue/problem and tell me whether or not it is considered by most people to be a social problem in our society.

d) Research the issue (using at least three scholarly journal articles)

e) Choose the most appropriate classical or contemporary sociological theory (Emile Durkheim social facts) to explain your social issue (this theoretical perspective must be someone other than C.W Mills). Then, using this theorist, you must provide a social structural and CRITICAL analysis of your issue. The goal of your critical review is to move from an individualistic explanation of the problem to a social structural explanation. In other words, you must use a specific theory/theorist to employ your sociological imagination!
This IS A FORMAL paper that must be in proper essay format. That means that you must include the following sections:

What should appear?

1) Title Page

2) Critical Review

A) Introduction to the paper

B) Summary of the issue (substantiate your claim with research)

C) Application of sociological theory and critical analysis of articlethis is where you explain WHY the issue is occuring from a social structural and critical perspective by applying your theory in detail.

E) Conclusionwhere can we go from here?

3) Bibliography

(LENGTH 5-8 pagesnot including the title page and bibliography

WORTH 20% DUEThursday, June 30, 2015

Late assignments will be penalized 10% for every day they are late.

* Students sometimes find it difficult to write short essays. Most of the time it is not the contents, the student knows what he/she has read, but it is much more difficult to properly convey the ideas in written text. Practice is probably the best way to go about acquiring such a confidence with writing formal papers at the University level.


a) be precise with what you write

b) be rigorous with your thoughts

c) be concise and to the point with expressing your thoughts

d) to be clearto state your point as clearly as possible


* REMEMBERTo proofread.*

Editing and proofreading is as much a part of the writing process as committing your initial thoughts to paper. You should revise both for content ad clarity. Your paper should make a point that should be clearly stated and articulated.

Problems to be aware of, or look for:

a) spelling errors/ use of the wrong word (i.e affect vs effect)

b) run on sentences, for exampleRichardsonas methodology has been challenged however no one has replicated his study.

c) slang terminology

d) clarity of statements