Yber Investigation Strategies and Evidence/Property Custody Documents

Project 1: Cyber Investigation Strategies and Evidence/Property Custody Documents

Work through the following project parts using information gained from chapters 1, 2, and 5 in your textbook and any additional information previously provided by your instructor. Submit each part of project 1 to your instructor as a separate file.

Part 1: Read Case Project 5-5 (p. 195) in your textbook. In addition to preparing the list required by Case Project 5-5, write at least a paragraph describing potential safety concerns for this operation, and how you might minimize the risk. If you use sources outside of your textbook (which is encouraged), use appropriate APA citation style and show those sources on a References page. Submit your list and discussion of scene considerations to your instructor for review.
Part 2: Pretend that your office area at work, school, or home is the work area of the suspect in Case Project 5-5. Use the sample Evidence/Property Custody Document provided by your instructor to take two pieces of digital media from that work area as evidence in your investigation. Provide an adequate description of each item, and complete the chain of custody to reflect your seizure of it from the crime scene. Save this document, and submit it to your instructor for review.
Part 3: Consider Hands-On Project 2-6 (p. 68) in your textbook to be a continuation of the same investigation you have been dealing with in parts 1-2 above. Use ProDiscover Basic (found on your textbook CD; remember that you need administrator privileges on your computer to install this software) to complete Hands-On Project 2-6, and submit the resulting report to your instructor for review.