Yber Terrorism: Comparative Study of Government Strategies to Counter Ideological Extremism and Cyber Networking in the U.K. and Saudi Arabia

Guidelines for Thesis Re-Write: Cyber Terrorism

This job is a re-write. The title is:
Cyber Terrorism: Comparative Study of Government Strategies
to Counter Ideological Extremism and Cyber Networking in the U.K. and Saudi Arabia

The title and structure of the original version seems to be acceptable. Broadly speaking it was rejected on the following grounds:
a? Not long enough (Was 13,000 words, needs to be at least double)
a? It doesnat evaluate, only describes (Needs a clear evaluative research strategy)
a? Philosophical approach is weak

Here is an excerpt from an email from the supervisor:
[The new version needs a] strong literature review (at the moment your literature review is just on the level of final year project), strong philosophical approach (you need to have strong theory to back your own views and fit with your research objectives) and finally a clear research strategy based on well thought through research paradigms and matters of ontology and epistemology.

(Please find the original version of the thesis attached in the email with the supervisoras detailed comments. To view the comments in Microsoft Word, click on the Review tab, then click on Final showing mark up.)

Overall, the comparison between the strategies of the two governments needs to remain the central structure of the thesis. However, the new version needs to be based on evaluation and a?interpretivisma. The supervisor would like to see that there are both positive and negative aspects to each governmentas response, and that overall the writer should be able to conclude at the end that the responses of one government (at least in some areas) are more effective than the otheras, for example, the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) rehabilitation initiative has a distinctly different approach to the UK one, and intuitively seems to be a successful strategy. Can this be proved/quantified?

The supervisor would like to see both quantitative and qualitative approaches in the pilot study.
As the supervisor seems to be very interested in quantity, the overall rewriting strategy should be to retain as much of the original writing as possible (of course, some parts will obviously need to be deleted). In order to double the word count, long and detailed sections on research theory, research strategies and an evaluative framework should be added (The supervisor seems to like long theoretical descriptions and theoretical jargon/a?buzz wordsa?). These will then form the basis for rewriting the results of the pilot study (of course, based on the new research strategies and evaluative framework) and rewriting the summary and conclusion.

The supervisor also seems to like colourful diagrams and graphs (there are already some diagrams that he likes). Some graphical representation of the pilot study results (based on the new theoretical framework) will be required.

The supervisor recently sent the writer an online version of the following source (Trochim). It should be referred to both in the theoretical framework and analysis of results; perhaps some of its ideas for statistical analysis could be used to create graphs.

Trochim, W. (2000). The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd Edition. Atomic Dog Publishing, Cincinnati, OH.

Trochim, William M. (2006). The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd Edition. Internet page at URL: <2006. Accessed 5 May 2011 I do NOT want the same writer as before (Job #78486511). Finally, there is a one month deadline for completing this re-write. If there are any queries about the writeras or supervisoras needs or intentions, please contact the writer for clarification.

Yber Terrorism: Comparative Study of Government Strategies to Counter Ideological Extremism and Cyber Networking in the UK and Saudi Arabia

This project is a transfer report which is to be written to gain acceptance onto a PhD programme in the Department of Computing, Communications and Electronics in a UK University. My supervisor has indicated that it should be at a Dissertationlevel. He has stipulated that the Literature Review should be about 20 pages. I estimate that the remainder should be of a similar length (20 pages). Im attaching excerpts from a report that was not accepted. It does not have a central thesis, and my supervisor has stressed that there should be some clear contributions to the knowledge, and that the pilot study should show a good knowledge of methodology and the principles of research.

This should be a clear unbiased report which objectively weighs the UK and Saudi responses to ideological extremism and cyber-terrorist networking. The audience will include a number of Moderate Muslims(including one of my supervisors) who are concerned about terrorism and would like any insights into how to deal with it.
Standard APA Referencing (similar to what is in the sample work attached)