Ybercrime and its impact on International trade

the subject of dissertation is(Cybercrime and its impact on International trade)

You also need to ensure that your dissertation has the usual attributes of a legal dissertation (i.e. discussion of legal norms, legal analysis and evaluation in the context of primary and secondary legal sources). Your content must be capable of facilitating such analysis and evaluation and your bibliography will need to include appropriate primary & secondary sources. For that reason I suggest your content includes: (a) an analysis of the criminal offences that would be committed under English law in the context of your definition of  cyber crime and (b) an analysis of any public international law dimension to those offences.

Initially you will need to read around the subject and define precisely what you mean by  cyber crime . I suggest you write that up as your first chapter illustrating that discussion of what is  cyber crime by highlighting how cyber crime has affected international trade and relating those cyber crime incidents that are particularly relevant to issues of international trade. Thereafter you might wish to analyse the legal crimes involved under UK laws, the international public dimension to any such crimes and the deficiencies of those legal environments before going on to address how cyber crime is now being tackled by the international community in terms of national states, international public organisations and private businesses.

On this basis the scope of your dissertation would be as follows:

1 Introduction

2 defining & illustrating cyber crime

3 UK cyber crime law & enforcement

4 international public law dimensions to cyber crime law & enforcement

5 deficiencies of legal environments for cyber crime under UK and public international law

6 national and international proposals & initiatives by public & private bodies to tackle cyber crime in international trade.

7 conclusions

Footnotes and Bibliography