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Current Issues Reflection #3 Readings
This week we will finally consider some very recent (and unfortunately, very very sad) Canadian content.A 
Please take this opportunity to write about the best solution to cyberbullying in Canada: is it legislation, or education, or both, or something else???


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I would like to have a reflection on short clip that you can find the link below, I want my paper to be done by same writer who did my provisos paper writer id:5094, He/she knows what how i need my paper to be look like 🙂

Please make sure you read the instruction as I provided some important tips that the teacher sent in order to get high mark on the reflection

Current Issues Reflection #2
this is an excellent link you can find it below, talk by Daniel Suarez about “Killer Robots.A  Suarez makes the compelling case that the current army of Predator Drones is only a step away from becoming an army of fully autonomous weapons, and that we need an International Treaty banning such autonomous weapons.
Please watch the video, and write a Reflection on the pros and cons of sending autonomous robots to war instead of human soldiers.

academicskills/. Buy and read the following two cheap writing references: (1) William Strunk, The Elements of Style; and (2) The Little Brown Handbook, Canadian edition.

Tip 2: Apply one or more concepts that you have learned in this course. Show me that you are actively making connections between the different topics studied in this course.

Tip 3: Take a principled stance on the moral issue. That is, rather than stating a number of disjointed opinions on the topic, give unity to your analysis by basing it in one or two moral principles, like autonomy or beneficence; or base your analysis in a moral theory, like utilitarianism. See Tip 3. For example, when you give your own opinion at the end of the paper, state that, a?Now I will assume the perspective of Utilitarianism in order to show that the action (or whatever) was wrong.a?

Tip 4: Explain everything in your own words; do not rely on quotations in such a short paper. If you must quote somebody, then of course use proper quotation and citation methods. But I am interested in your analysis in your words, not in reading the words of other authors, especially authors whom I have already read and whom I assigned to you to read!!!

Tip 5: Dig a little deeper than the articles that I have given you. Surf the web a little. Is there some morally relevant factor that none of the articles that I assigned discussed? Do some investigative reporting and show me what that forgotten tidbit is. Find some extra information on the web, present it briefly in your C.I. Reflection, and then show me why this extra bit of information makes a moral difference.

N.B. None of these tips is a requirement or a further instruction. These are just suggestions for improving your grade.

How To Write a Current Issues Reflection Paper:

Step 1: Give a very brief (one short paragraph) overview of the current issue.

Step 2: State in a line or two the main moral question that you will focus on in your paper.

Step 3: Outline two or three main moral issues that must be addressed in order to answer the moral question that you are writing about. In other words, tell me what details of the case are morally relevant and why.

Step 4: Show me that you can think on both sides of the main moral question. Give an argument pro and an argument con. Demonstrate sensitivity to the opposing sides in the debate by giving their best arguments.

Step 5: Take a stand on the main moral question. Give me your answer to that question in the form of a reasoned argument. This section should be the longest, and should be at least half a page long.



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