Ybersecurity Threats and the Future of the Internet

Paper is due at the end of 23 Nov 13 EST.

Double spaced...APA format.

Info from my prof....Purely technical papers are unacceptable and will be downgraded accordingly. The paper should address technical, economic, regulatory, policy and operational use of the Internet/Telecommunication topic that you are researching.

A. At a minimum the paper should include one case study / practical example and more of these are helpful.

An example of where I want the paper to go....

Global dependence on the Internet expands by leaps and bandwidth every day. Nations depend on a cyber infrastructure that enables the operation of financial markets, transportation networks, taxation and energy grids, as well as the public agencies protecting the health and security of their citizens. Large global multinationals and small local businesses and startups use the online infrastructure to facilitate economic and technological innovation. Defense and intelligence agencies depend on cyber networks to manage far-flung operations, analyze intelligence data and implement homeland security, military logistics and emergency services.

With this growth come ever-greater risks as well as opportunities. Advanced persistent threats reflect the risks posed by adversaries with the sophistication, resources and determination to cause real and permanent damage by exploiting the architecture of networks, and of cyberspace itself. Because the Internet is an evolving technology that carries enormous potential and vulnerabilities, cyber security problems implicate questions of Internet freedom, network architecture and the economic potential for cyberspace.
B. The paper must state a thesis and, based on the research, undertake to prove or disprove that thesis.

C. The paper should review the recent literature (e.g., the last five years), distill the fundamental issues, discuss various solutions to the issues raised, identify trends, and formulate the students own position. An adequate literature search is based primarily on academic journals (e.g., Federal Communications Law Journal, IEEE Journals), secondarily on professional journals (e.g., Journal of Systems Management), and lastly on books and textbooks and online sources.

D. At least eight (8) or more recent references (2009 or later) should be cited. In-text citations (APA Style) are also required for any referenced material.

Length and Style. The paper should have a body of 16 to 24 pages. Cover pages, table a of -contents, abstract/executive summary, charts, graphics, tables, appendices and references do not count toward length minimum. The paper must be prepared in accordance with Appendix A of APA 6th edition. ISBN 9781433805615 2nd edition.

The paper must include an abstract/executive summary, which will be posted for all students to read.

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