Year 3 Engine Technology )Assignment

Outline Task
Each student is tasked with identifying the performance of the FS vehicle, in terms of acceleration, top speed, fuel economy, exhaust emissions and heat rejection, for a unique engine configuration specified to each student in 2015_H3051_Assignmentv7.xlsx. The student will then identify the high level design and functional specifications of the unique engine (Appendix 2), e.g. performance, valve sizes, fuel flowrates, injection pulse widths, reciprocating masses, bearing sizes, bearing loads, connecting rod minimum cross sectional area, out-of-balance forces, heat rejection and coolant flows.
The performance of the engines with the 20mm restrictor is not to be addressed.

Added on 08.04.2015 23:47
Hello y have to insert the individual assignments values given i have removed the other student names so only my values are presented.All files needed for the assignment are uploaded anything y need just ask and please inform me for the progression of the assignment if it is possible. Thanks a lot. (no sources are needed just what is asked for)