Year-old male with fulminating Hepatitis B secondary to a lifetime use of IV drug abuse

An introductory paragraph that identifies the purpose of the paper
A clearly described patient scenario
Note: Be sure to cite the scenario if using words directly from the patient cases above to avoid Turn-it-in correlation with other students.
The pathophysiology of the major medical condition and associated manifestations
Recent statistical data related to the major condition (no older than 3-4 years)
Relevant diagnostic, screening, and laboratory procedures
Medical (lesser content) and nursing (major) interventions supported by the literature published within the last 5 years.
Prognostic data that identifies possible outcomes with (a) successful interventions, (b) interventions that were not successful, and (c) without interventions
Note: You may choose to attach a pathoflow diagram to identify the prognosis instead of including it in the narrative portion of the paper.
A concluding paragraph
Resources can be a combination of (a) scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, particularly nursing journals and (b) nationally-recognized medical, educational, or governmental websites (such as PubMed, National Institutes of Health, National Vital Statistics Report, and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control).