Years Marketing Plan (Marketing Plani?0

5 years Marketing Plan (Marketing Plan) (60%)

Marketing Plan Structure:

Example of a good Marketing Plan structure is given in you main textbook a?Marketing Managementa? by Kotler, Keller, Brandy, Goodman and Hansen (pp. 122-124).

Module learning outcomes assessed in the Assignment 2:

Knowledge and understanding learning outcomes

a? L1 To be able to debate module concepts and theories

a? L2 To use the theory to conduct competently the analysis of contemporary marketing issues

Cognitive and critical learning outcomes

a? L3 To be able to compare and contrast different theoretical frameworks in order to address practical business matters

a? L4 To be able to develop independent lines of argument supported by evidence

a? L5 To apply critical thinking in using theoretical knowledge and studentas own ideas

Transferable skills

a? L7 Utilising modern technologies and electronic resources to obtain and analyse relevant data

As the final assignment for this module, you are required to write a Marketing Plan for an existing company in the UK, chosen by you from any industry. This plan should aim to identify ways in which the company designs its strategy for the next 5 years.

Referencing Requirements:
Your writing should include references within your text with a full list of references at the end of your document using the Harvard referencing forma