Ynaecological Emergencies, Sexual Assault In Australia (Paramedics field)

Module 2 Gynaecological Emergencies (Paramedics field)

Subject: Sexual Assault In Australia ( against women)

Answer all 4 Questions in Point Form. No paragraphs, no long answers.
1. What is the incidence of sexual assault in Australia? (5 facts 5 marks)
2. What are the demographics of Sexual Assault Victims? (5 facts 5 marks)
3. It is vital not to disturb any evidence of the rape, at the rape site and on the patient herself.
In your management of a rape victim, what can you do to ensure evidence is not destroyed and what should you tell your patient in this regard? (10 points 5 marks)
4. What Medical Problems can a patient develop as a consequence of rape? (5 facts 5 marks)

Please give references NOT OLD THAN 7 YEARS (2008-2014)
You should answer all questions as you are a Pre-hospital Provider and in Point Form. .