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Essay Fall 2014

Write an essay of about 2,000 words on ONE of the following questions

1. How would you explain the rise of Vladimir Putin and the dominant position he has occupied in Russian politics since 1999? How secure is this position today?

2. What kind of capitalism has developed in Russia since the 1990s? How does it differ from capitalism in the West?

3. Describe the structure of the Russian energy industry (both oil and gas) and explain its connection
with the state and its role in foreign policy.


1. This essay must be submitted in electronic form and as a paper copy in class on Tuesday 11 November 2014 (not Tuesday 4 November as in the Syllabus).

2. The essay is designed to assess the following learning outcome: explain the distinctive character of the political system of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the political, social and economic environment in which business operates.

3. The essay is worth 30% of total marks. 20% will be awarded on the basis of knowledge and understanding of the topic, including breadth of reading; 5% for the organisation of your material and the quality of your argument; and 5% for spelling, grammar and the accuracy of the scholarly apparatus (references and bibliography).

4. The essay should be typed in 10 or 12 point font, with 1.5 or double spacing,, numbered pages and margins at least 2.5cm wide. 5. Referencing should be in Harvard style ie name, date of publication and page (where relevant) in brackets in the text and full details (author surname (or surnames), initials, date of publication (in brackets), title (in italics) and publisher) at the end. See the recommended textbook by E Siraev for examples.