Your interpretation of) gender roles in the novel Alas, Babylon

Make sure theres SUBSTANTIAL RESEARCH from various SCHOLARLY sources and that theres an ARGUMENTATIVE THESIS with CLEAR KEY SUPPORTS.
Include a biblio of the scholarly sources youve used (at least 3 plus the novel.. so 4)

The essay should NOT be a discussion, a series of interesting comments vaguely tied to a central subject.

Meandering ideas, loose structure, serial observations, plot summary: AVOID them as much as possible.

Its imperative for you to take into account the state of knowledge about the essays subject, scholars have written about Alas, Babylon, and knowing/showing what they have claimed and in a sense joining in on their critical dialogue/debate about the subject lets the reader know that you are contributing to the knowledge gap: Critic A may have interpreted gender roles in Alas Babylon as X, while critic B and critic C have argued Y and Z. As critic D, then, your essay is simply to legitimize/validate your claim. You do not necessary have to prove that Critic A,B and C are wrong (although engaging with them is a recommended endeavour), but providing that your stance has merit (and works to close the knowledge gap) is required.

IF YOU CANT PROVIDE an argumentative research essay EXACTLY like the one Ive asked for with a PROPER introduction and conclusion, and with numerous SCHOLARLY sources than please notify me immediately and refund my money (if already processed)

Ive used similar sites in the past which have failed to provide what they claim they can. If like these other sites, all you plan to do is fill out 12 pages with incoherent non argumentative discussion then please save me and yourself the time, and just notify me that you cant do it.

P.S. the topic of your argument can be whatever youre more comfortable/interested in (gender roles is just what I had in mind)

Thanks, and looking forward to the essay