Ystocele,rectocele and vaginal proplapse

Assignment: Research Paper Instructions
Please refer to the document labeled Research Paper Topicsand select the topic you wish to report on. The guidelines for the research paper are: 1. Information to be contained in the paper includes signs/symptoms, disease etiology, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and current trends in the diagnosis and treatment of the medical condition chosen. 2. The length of the paper will be 2-3 typed pages. 3. The format of the paper will include a 12 pt font with one inch margins on top, bottom, right and left sides. The paper will be double-spaced. The paper must be saved in Rich Text Format. OR a PowerPoint presentation including all the same information. 4. Three professional references will be used for the paper. These references will be listed at the end of the paper. The references should be current (not older than 2001) and discuss information on current trends in treating the medical condition. Internet references must contain the URL for the website and should be validated for clinical accuracy; it is advised to use references from professional medical association sources rather than private party web pages. 5. The research paper must be the students own work. Plagiarism is prohibited. Use footnotes to cite specific references from individual resources. 6. The research paper will be submitted as an attachment to this assignment.