Yworld: Creating and Capturing Value in a Social Network

Case Discussion Schedule:
No. Date Case/Chapter Group
September 11 The Fashion Channel
Harvard Business School Case: 2075
1 September 18 Disney Consumer Products: Marketing Nutrition to Children
Harvard Business School Case: 9-507-006
1, 2
2 September 23 Unilever in India: Hindustan Levers Project Shakti i?? Marketing
FMCG to the Rural Consumer
Harvard Business School Case: 9-505-056
3, 4
3 September 30 Juice Guys (A) and (B)
Harvard Business School Cases: 9-800-122 and 9-800-123
5, 6
4 October 07 Cyworld: Creating and Capturing Value in Social Network
Harvard Business School Case: 9-509-012
7, 8
5 October 09 Burberry
Harvard Business School Case: 9-504-048
9, 10
6 October 14 Samsung Electronics: Managing Innovations in an Economic
Harvard Business School Case: HK1007
11, 12
In-Class Case Discussion (5% of your final grade):
Prepare a 10-minute (plus a 5-minute Q&A section) case discussion (includes a summary of the case, issues that
addressed by the case, an extensive analysis of the situation and your own recommendation, and topics for class
discussion. Be creative!)
Written Report: Structure/Guidelines/Evaluation (15% of your final grade):
Prepare a 10-page report (double-spacing, times new roman size 12 with 1i?? margins, not include the cover page) to
summarize the case and provide recommendations to solve the problems.
The structure of your case summary should include:
1. Executive Summary (10%)
Maximum 1 page double spaced, does not count as part of page limit)
Briefly identify major problem(s) face the key person(s)/organization
Summarize recommended plan of action
Hint: Your executive summary is the key i??selling featurei?? for your report. Write it last. Emphasize
clarity, brevity and persuasiveness
2. Statement of the Problem (10%)
State the problem(s) facing the key person(s)/organization
Conclude with the decision facing the key person(s)/organization
3. Analysis of the Causes of the Problem (25%)
Provided a detailed analysis of the causes of the problems above, using theories and models from
the text and readings
Do not summarize or repeat the case. Assume the reader is completely familiar with the case University of British Columbia i?? Okanagan Campus
Faculty of Management
MGMT320 i?? Introduction to Marketing
Term 1 2014/2015
Support conclusions and/or assumptions with reference to the text, readings or key points in the
Hint: Theoretical materials should link theory to case issues and should convince the decision
maker of the validity of your analysis
4. Decision Criteria and Alternate Solutions (10%)
Identify criteria against which you will evaluate solutions
Include two or three alternate solutions
Evaluate all solutions against identified criteria
Hint: Decision criteria should reflect the top priorities of the organization in this particular case
(e.g., expand the market; cost less than $x; can be implemented in y months)
5. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification (35%)
Solution and implementation should fit with problems and criteria identified above
Identify what should be done, when, how and by whom, to implement your recommended solution
Include a statement of downside risk and a contingency plan to address potential difficulties
Hint: Implementation should be detailed and realistic. Then, close on a strong note. State briefly
and convincingly the best justification for your recommended course of action
6. Format (10%)
Type double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 1i?? margins all around
Use headings and bullet points to maximize clarity
Use additional 3 pages for exhibits
Be sure to cite the sources of your information
Hint: A business report i?? like a resume i?? should contain No mistakes of grammar, spelling or
punctuation. Anything less than professional quality demonstrates lack of attention to detail
Please note that you need to evaluate each members contribution to the group effort. Therefore, it is possible to
obtain a grade poorer than the group grade. Please talk to me if you have any questions (Please refer to Appendix
Notes; We are doing the cyworld one. Do not use anything from the website. just use the things in the article.